A unique and heartwarming collaboration unfolds as a mother and daughter from the Hopi tribe join forces to sculpt bronze art. Rooted in the rich artistic traditions of their people, the duo embarks on a creative journey that transcends generations.

The mother, a seasoned artist, brings with her a wealth of experience in traditional Hopi artistry. Her hands carry the wisdom of years spent crafting symbolic sculptures that echo the cultural narratives and spiritual essence of the Hopi people. With a deep connection to the earth and a profound understanding of the symbols that speak volumes in Hopi culture, she serves as the guiding force in this artistic endeavor.

Her daughter, a passionate and creative spirit, represents the newer generation eager to carry on the artistic legacy. Armed with a fresh perspective and an inherent understanding of the evolving artistic landscape, she infuses contemporary elements into their collaborative work. Together, they bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating bronze sculptures that resonate with both the timeless symbols of the Hopi heritage and the nuances of contemporary expression.

The collaborative process becomes a dance of tradition and innovation, as the mother imparts her cultural knowledge while the daughter introduces new techniques and interpretations. Through shared laughter, moments of contemplation, and the melding of their artistic visions, they sculpt bronze pieces that reflect the harmony of their shared heritage and the evolving narratives of the Hopi people.

Photo by Eric Martin
Photo by Eric Martin

Meet Kim

Kim started her art career as a child finding rocks in the washes in Arizona and painting figures, which her family still keeps today. She started sculpting her Hopi maidens over twenty years ago and still has yet to scratch the surface of her cultural history. "The Hopi Tribe of Northern Arizona, is thousands of years old. I have a lifetime to fully explain my people and their history. I know many of my collectors now understand more about the women and their powerful place in Hopi history."

She originally worked in the traditional scrape-and-smooth method, which Hopi potters have used for thousands of years. Kim's degree from Northern Arizona University in Fine Arts, sculpture and bronze casting has become to be a personal satisfaction for her art career.

Kim has been casting bronze for over 35 years and continues to enamor her collectors and the Southwest art scene with her latest designs. "My bronze career has really taken off, and has earned me positions in museum, corporate and private collections all over the world." Kim is one of the first Hopis to work in bronze as an Art Medium and one of the first American Indian Women to work in bronze, which is historically a male dominated field of Art.

Kim sitting in her studio once remarked, "After the Corn was plenty, the Arts were born to the Hopi;" in other words, the Hopi prayed, worked and cared for their family and then the arts we know today were created to perpetuate their history. Kim's three girls are grown and she now has the time to focus on Art. Her career mirrors her statement.

Kim has been featured in many national magazine articles and her works have been published in various books on Southwest Art. She has won numerous awards in Art and Sculpture shows across the United States in both Native and non-Native events. She also had the privilege of being able to serve two two-year terms on the Board of Directors for SWAIA, who runs the Santa Fe Indian Market, the largest American Indian Art show in the United States in August on the plaza of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Meet Krystal

Krystal, daughter of a prominent Hopi Artist whose works grace museums nationwide, was immersed in the art world from a young age. Growing up surrounded by the captivating rhythm of sculpting tools, art and Hopi culture were integral parts of her life. Assisting her single mother in the art business from the age of 15, Krystal developed a keen entrepreneurial spirit.

Graduating from NAU with a degree in Marketing, she seamlessly combined her passion for art with business. The day after her graduation, she found herself en route to her next art show, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey that would shape her future.

Amidst the whirlwind of her career, fate intervened, leading her to her soulmate- a man who saw beyond the exhibitions to the essence of her artistic soul. Inspired by her newfound love and fueled by her passion for sculpting, Krystal embarked on her most profound artistic endeavor yet. For three years, she poured her heart and soul into her inaugural masterpiece, "Becoming."

Despite growing up amidst the hustle of art shows, the studio offered Krystal a fresh perspective on her career, one she wholeheartedly embraced. Today, she continues her artistic journey, blending tradition with innovation, and inviting others to share in her passion for sculpting and storytelling.