"Mettle to Metal: Native Women Sculptors Reign and Pour"

Here, the epic tale of bronze continues with a look at some of the Indigenous women who have brought the art form closer to the center of Native America’s creative possibilities...In their own words, these artists offer personal reflections on what led them to metal, why they stayed, and their plans for the continuing journey.

"ART: Kim Obrzut"

Kim Seyesnem Obrzut, preserves the rich heritage of the sacred feminine of her Hopi culture in the stories her bronze maidens bring to life. As if being lured into the hands of the artist, her magnificent sculptures entice me to touch them. To feel their ancient resonance moving spirit through them. The flow of her work is soft, strong, and free.

"Bronze & Beyond: Kim Obrzut"

Kim Obrzut knew she would dedicate her career to sculpture after just five minutes in a bronze-casting class at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. “I fell in love with it, all of it, and in every way,” she remembers. “It was fate.”